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          NC Australian "Sir Henry"

Care and Training

Paul and his custom neck pillow,"Daisy"

       Baxter and Bella  Training 

Few things in life are more exciting than getting a new puppy to sit on command. Here at North Country we do highly recommend training for your new puppy. We also recommend the whole family get involved! With everyone on the same page puppy life will be so much more enjoyable! That said, we have done a ton of research and North Country has purchased a lifetime membership to "BAXTER AND BELLA", a very all inclusive online training program. They begin at the new puppy stage. They have videos, live online classes, podcasts and are also available for live calls for those harder to deal with issues. We are VERY impressed with this program and with Covid-19 and it's challenges this has been the perfect answer to our training needs! We have also acquired a 25% discount code for all of our North Country Puppy families. Click this link to go to their website to check it out. If you would like to purchase, use this code for your discount: NCAL25

Here is an overview video as well: 


Professional Training

You may want to choose professional training at home when it becomes available again. 

This is a very good activity for all family members that are old enough to participate in. Everyone needs to know the proper way to help your new family member know their place and boundaries. All too often the new puppy views the children of the home as "litter mates"rather than family members they should listen to. Children also need to know how to properly handle and help the new puppy to learn. There are trainers you can take your dog to and there are trainers that will come to your home. If possible, North Country reccommends a trainer that will come to the home so that the whole family and your dog can learn together!  


Bathing and Grooming


Australian Labradoodles have natural oils in their hair that are necessary to maintain a healthy coat. Bathing too frequently can cause their fleecy coats to become dry, brittle and unmanagable. I only bathe my dogs every 6 weeks or less depending on the season and weather. A good brushing every couple days will keep their coats soft and matt free. If the grooming/brushing is started at a young age you and your dog will grow to enjoy this time together. Remember to always stay calm and don’t spend too much time at this task with a very young puppy, the puppy will tire of this easily and want to play. As the puppy grows older you can gradually extend the grooming time. After brushing, mist a little bit of water or Conditioning spray and pat down the undercoat. This will help restore the waves/curls and prevent knots.

As your labradoodle becomes older you may want to utilize the services of a professional groomer. Find one that will listen to your preferences for trims and will respect them…. All too often the professional groomers trim labradoodles to look like poodles not labradoodles! Below please find a Labradoodle grooming video to share with your groomer or, give it a try yourself.... it's really quite easy! 



Feeding Instructions For Your New Australian Labradoodle Puppy

Your puppy has been eating Nulo Freestyle Puppy Food, Salmon and Pea formula. This food is an excellent food containing probiotics for their young developing digestive systems. This food can be found in specialty food stores and online. It is not available in commercial food stores such as Petsmart or Petco. It is very important to feed your puppy the proper combination of protein, fat and crude fiber to maintain strong bones, good joints and heathy skin, coat and teeth.We have been mixing dry kibble with a little warm water to soften it up. You can feed this 2 to 4 times daily. If the puppy leaves food after about 15 to 30 minutes, feed a little less next time. If the puppy eats it immediately, add just a little more at the next feeding. Your Australian Labradoodle puppy is used to the food slightly warmed up with hot water. Some other foods your Australian Labradoodle puppy has had mixed in with their Nulo food are: organic whole milk goat’s milk and organic whole milk yogurt.

Always have fresh water available to your Australian Labradoodle puppy.

Spayed and Neutered Puppies
If you have chosen to have your puppy spayed or neutered before taking it home it will have been done with dissolving sutures so it is not necessary to have them removed. Check your puppy’s suture line daily for redness and swelling. If there is any, call your vet. North Country does not send home puppies after surgery until a full week has passed for the spays and at least 4 days for the neuters. We want to be sure the incisions are healing up nicely and no infection or other complications are present. Do not bathe your puppy until 2 weeks after his/her surgery date. Do not pick up your puppy by his/her front legs or underneath front legs. Always put one hand in-between front legs and one hand in-between back legs and then pick the puppy straight up from the floor.

How to groom your Australian Labradoodle

There are many  really great professional groomers out there. The key is to find one that is either familiar with the standard grooming of an Australian Labradoodle or is willing to  watch the video below to learn how.  What we don't want is for our dogs to be groomed like poodles or any other breed than an Australian Labradoodle! 

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