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Our Boys

 Faithful's Prince Charming "Hank"

ALAA-040475​  DOB: 10/15/2014

28lbs  17"  Medium

OFA Hips-Good Hip Joint Conformation

OFA Elbow-Negative

PRA-Clear 05/11/15


EIC- Negative 05/11/15

NC Australian Copper


ALAA-046400.   DOB: 09/09/2015

 35lbs 19". Medium

 OFA Hips-Good Hip Joint Conformation

 OFA Elbow-Negative

 PRA-Clear 11/05/16


EIC-Negative 11/05/16

Hank and Copper live together in the same home. This is nearly unheard of for stud dogs. This speaks so evidently of the wonderful temperament and calm nature of this breed. These boys love their 2 year old human sibling, Emberly    and are attentive to her as well as very gentle with her. Both of these boys are intelligent and extremely fun natured!

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